Lindsay Woodward is the author of love stories with a twist. Her latest novel is a romance with a splash of evil. From rom coms to darker stories, the only thing you can be sure of with her novels is that you never know what’s coming next.

The Cat's Eyes

The Cats Eyes cover


Lindsay’s latest novel is her darkest story yet.

Isobel is in love with suave and sexy Jake. She finally gets to go on a (kind of) date with him, but he ignores her all night and she’s gravely disappointed.

Soon after that, her handsome and charming neighbour, Nicholas, asks her out on a date. But he turns out to be a bit creepy.

Add to that Nicholas’s overbearing cat, Smokey, who keeps somehow finding its way into her house, and life is becoming pretty irritating for Isobel.

Then one day, as she is returning Smokey to its owner, she catches sight of Nicholas through his window. She sees far more than she could ever be prepared for.

Isobel is about to face her worst nightmare. And there seems to be no escape…